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12:30 PM 9/8/2014

From: Dennis McFadden

Ed and I were good buddies. 4-5 of us rented various houses on Black Point, Niantic, CT over the years. He and I would go to his family farm in MA and party with his friends. A great shipmate, roommate and friend. Very sad to see of his passing. Dennis (Mac) McFadden MT1(SS) 655(B) 69-71

06:42 PM 8/15/2014

From: Mike Thomas

I also have a question; How did the boat come to be called the “Hog”?  Also having been on near and at the end of her life (1989-1993) we were always fighting oil leaks. On one particularly challenging sea trials I had one of the “helpful” Squadron riders hand me a deficiency list of oil leaks in the Engineroom.  He told me he got tired of listing them, so he finally wrote down “If it had oil in it, it had oil on it”.   I thanked him for his valuable input.  Can’t say that would make a good motto though.

12:51 AM 8/5/2014
From: Loree Riggs
Vern was at our last reunion.  One of his wishes to his wife was that they attend.  He was unable to participate in much of the activities, as he tired very quickly.  He was about 4-6 months post brain surgery and it was tough seeing him trying to relate to everything.  I'm glad we could make his wish meaningful. Brenda was very straight forward in discussing Vern but it was tough on her. I have added a note about the reunion on the remembrance page. Loree Riggs

9:36 PM 7/17/2014

From: Charlie Martens

Nick, I have to tell you that every time I see your name come up I try remembering your face. Too many years have passed. I took over the Yeoman position from Frank Morris. I did 6 patrols on the Stimson Gold crew. Bob Weeks was the CO. I was discharged in December of 1971. We were going in for overhaul. Chief Forbes and the Missile Tech Chief (can't remember his name.) tried getting me to reenlist. I used the GI Bill to go to college. Got 2 undergraduate degrees and went on for a Master’s Degree. I've been retired for a few years now.

1:46 AM 6/30/2014


Subject: Re: Eternal Patrol

James Wilson is listed on the sailing list as being on the Stimson from '67 to '69. He was on the Stimson in '65 when I reported. He was one of the Officers I do remember. He was a nice guy to me, a seaman E-3. Elliot

10:46 PM 6/29/2014
From: Frank Morris

Subject: RE: Eternal Patrol

As I read through his obituary, I see a man who had a great career, traveled, worked at jobs he enjoyed, and did lots of activities he enjoyed. It can’t get any better than that. Robert H. (Bob) Weeks was the CO of the Gold Crew when I served aboard Stimson from 1968 through 1970. I was the lead yeoman. Now I should have known this fellow but he must have left prior to my arrival. I don’t remember him anyway. By the way, Bob Weeks built a TV on one of our patrols, in his off time of course. It was a kit.