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1950’s The Silent Service TV series - ALL episodes - FREE
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Welcome to the Goat Locker

SSBN 655 Blue 1970’s Patrol & Shipyard
by Vinnie Ryan 655 Crew Member

SSBN 655 Blue 1973 1st Stimson Poseidon Patrol
by Vinnie Ryan 655 Crew Member
655 Gold DASO Shot 1981
(supplied by MM1(SS) Steven Laughlin)
655 Welcome Aboard Booklet
(most of us received one of these when we reported aboard -
file was provided by Jim Gray & Betty Trasko)
655 GOLD Patrol 18 Patrol Book

(pictures provided by Steve Roche)

Links featured in various editions of "The Stimson Draft"

Tribute to the Vietnam Vets

Pictures of the New London SubBase

New Nanomaterial Takes the Stink Out of Submarine Air
...the chemical used to remove CO2 smells like old diesel mixed with a dash of sulphur, and it permeates everything on board. Read more

WW1 Tribute in Sainsbury's Christmas Ad
A "creative interpretation" of Christmas Day 1914 when British & German soldiers laid down their weapons and met on neutral territory to share greetings, treats, mementoes...

Citizenship Test
A great test of knowledge needed for citizenship in this great country.

SHIFT COLORS - Newsletter for Navy Retirees

Library of All Things Submarine

The Dutch Airline KLM's way to return lost items
Top Ten Songs, Each Month, Past 30 Years

41 For Freedom

100 Year Old Navy Film - US Navy 1915

The Holland

The Greatest Generation-
Passed Through North Platte Nebraska during WWII

The Time the U.S. Invaded a Japanese Submarine Base

Hometown Battlefield

Vietnam War Casualties Listed by Home of Record

After Battery Website

Submarine Training Manual (post WW II)

Submarines Ohio Class History

Jerry Yellin, World War II Veteran Interview

A Gun, A Hat, and A Horse
Remember Saturday afternoons at the movies?

Surrender Ceremony of the Japanese to McArthur
in Tokyo Bay September 1945

WWII Recovery-True Story of 19 Marines Killed and 
Recovery of Their Bodies

USS Pennsylvania SSBN 735 Video

8th Air Force History - Very interesting